About Me

Magic Gal Ash, formerly Style Cookie Jar, is a site for fashion addicts with high-end taste with dollar store budgets.  As a newly graduated college student and fashion lover, I don’t believe you need to spend all of your money to be stylish. Just because you can afford and wear designer, doesn’t mean you have good taste, it just means you can afford expensive clothes.

My fashion taste is inspired by multiple women and spans over decades. I love the glamour of old Hollywood actresses like Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Ertha Kitt, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly to name a few. I love the classic British style of Kate Middleton and the fearless style of Rihanna. I think the best way to find your own personal style is by figuring out what you love and works for you, not what’s necessarily popular.

Occasionally I will save up and buy something full price or designer when I’m not buying Kpop albums. But I mostly shop sale, clearance, and thrift shops. That’s the majority of my closet and what’s featured on MGA. Follow me on Twitter  and Instagram .


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