StyleCookieJar Comeback?

*Madison Montgomery voice* Surpise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

There have been a ton of changes since my Sugarloaf Mills Finds 8.12.17 post. I’ve graduated college and started a new blog solely to Kpop. I’ve been going through some personal issues but as I’m going back looking though blogpost to send to potential companies to work for, I’ve realized I don’t want this blog to go completely to waste. I missed writing for it. I haven’t looked at my stats on here in a while, but I noticed I’m still getting a lot of views.

So, I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be 100% running again. I’m thinking December (2018) or January (2019) depending on work stuff, I’ll be back to posting regularly on this blog as well as on Kfashionbias. However, I’ll be changing StyleCookieJar into AshlieghCheyenne. I want it to coincide with my personal Instagram account. I really don’t want to run more than two accounts because things start getting tricky. So, I’ll be back with updates soon.

Until then, take care!




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