Fenty Puma by Rihanna Gray Men’s Velvet Creeper

The featured image and the blog post title is slightly different– I did that on purpose.


I wasn’t always a huge fan of Rihanna, but after “Unapologetic” I accidentally fell into another fandom. Besides enjoying her music I admire her since of style. She is known for her daring and experimental looks but it all boils down to one main concept; wearing what she likes regardless of it being trendy or risqué. Naturally this was going to ooze into her designs for Fenty Puma by Rihanna.

As y’all remember last August I got the gray slides and loved them. I still love them and wear them almost daily. I highly recommend them and eventually I’m getting them in pink and black. I really wanted the Burgundy/ dark red (I’ve seen it called both) velvet creepers but I finally broke down and ordered the gray because they’re starting to run out of sizes of them too. I got my pair of Fenty Puma Creepers from Neiman Marcus.


They’re called velvet but to me they’re more of like a corduroy hybrid. The color is pretty. Depending on the lighting they can be a dark gray. They feel soft but they don’t have that soft almost fur like texture to them like regular velvet does. I feel like I could describe this better but I’m failing. Long story short I wouldn’t have agreed to call this velvet.


I didn’t take a picture of the full box because it’s a larger version of the slides. It’s still a solid black box. Fenty is written in capital letters across the top in black matte font you’d miss if it you weren’t holding it in the light at the right angle. Puma’s name and symbol is written on the sides parallel in the same dark font. So yeah nothing too new.

They look a bit funny in this shot.


Fenty Creepers definitely have its angles.


I read reviews that they fit true to size so I ordered mine in a men’s 10. Oh man the reviews were right. I almost got an 11 but they would have been too large. I’m still not sure on the fit. I wore them to Home Depot on Thursday and the slipped a lot. My toes are close to the end of the shoes so maybe it was my socks and how I had them laced? I’m not sure so I’m going to wear them again longer and see how they work. Other than them being loose they’re astonishingly comfortable.


Another important thing with this shoes (my favorite part) is the heel. As a girl that’s 5’8, I don’t need any additional height help but I love heels. The platform is 1 1/2 inch tall and you notice it wearing them. The major plus with these is that they’re so comfortable and the height is balanced throughout the shoe.

Here’s some closeups of the platforms. Aren’t the backs of these cool?


The stitching is done really well too.



Last one!


The bottom of the Fenty Puma Creepers continues that textured design on the bottom of the shoes. I haven’t really tested them out in slippery or wet surfaces so I’m not sure how good the grip is yet. I’ll keep y’all updated with that. Overall I’m happy with my Fenty by Rihanna Velvet Creepers.

Let me know what where y’all stand on this shoe and other Fenty Puma products!

Update: I returned these back to Norman Marcus on June 14th 2017. I just couldn’t get use to the fit. Everytime I wore them outside my feet kept slipping out of them. 


I love this gif of Rosé so I’m going to keep using it.


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