3.10.17 OOTD

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an ootd post huh?

I haven’t  had any exciting outfits to share tbh but today I got a little creative.


I finally broke out my top from my Black Friday Finds  and layered it over a turtleneck from Hollister (for around $14? Something like that. It’s one of my favorites.).


My skirt is from Madewell (also worn and talked about here)


My backpack was also featured in my Black Friday Finds if you want more info.

Lastly, here’s a closer look on my other accessories. On the left are the pair of hoop earrings I got when I returned my black midi dress to SheIn. I love these earrings. They were $3.99. The necklace is from Juicy Couture. My mom got it for me as a Christmas present back in high school back when I was in love with Juicy Couture’s jewelry. I found one here on Poshmark for $20. I typed in Juicy Couture bird necklace and the link popped up. I’m not sure how many are still available since this is at least seven years old.

My shoes on the right are my favorite pair of flats that I’ve worn the crap out of for almost three years now. I’ve hot glued the sole on them to keep them alive. I’m not sure if these are still available but the style name is Air Monica by Cole Haan. I don’t remember the price of them either.

I’m trying to decide on my next MVF post. I took the screenshots but I’m not sure if I want to do a mini series or just combine my favorite looks into one post. So until I decide on what I’m posting next I’ll see y’all next post. Take care ♥



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