Music Video Fashion: So-So

Finally right?

Monday I started therapy on my left pinky to have it straighten out. Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth removed. So that’s the short version of why there haven’t been any new post. So let’s jump into So-So!


Baek A Yeon’s So-So was released back in May of 2016 (May 23th to be exact). I remember my first thoughts watching the music video was:

1.) This is so cute

2.) I have to blog about this and

3.) I love this song.

Baek A Yeon wears four different looks in So-So. All of the looks match the cute, bright, and feminine surroundings seen throughout the video.  The first outfit is a flowy white long sleeve blouse and a baby pink mini skirt. Side note: even the nurses dresses are cute.


It’s kind of hard to see but there’s little black buttons on her skirt.


And in this side view you can see her pale pink heels and socks.


I like the simplicity of this outfit. My favorite part of this look is the layered frilled cuffs on this blouse. I think this look is easy to recreate for a day out or a date.

On to hair, makeup, and accessories. I also think it’s cute that her skirt matches her strawberry bob. Her makeup is also very simple. She has on some small sliver rings but I think her large pearl earrings are the most noticeable item.


Next look: Striped multicolor dress with lace bows and a white crew neck elbow length top.


I really want this dress! It’s so cute! I’ve never seen a dress with sleeves that are attached by bows like this! I might have to sew my own.

Speaking of bows, notice the bow hair barrettes the nurses are wearing above their buns.


I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite outfit of the four. She also has these cute little pink socks on. It’s hard to make out but I think they have a little heart on them.


The next couple of scenes her hair has a little curl to it then it goes back to being straight.


Oh and another side note, The doctor’s blazer with blue trim is cute too. I like that it matches his blue trousers.


Okay back to Baek A Yeon.


You almost miss it but she did an earring change in this scene. She has on a pair of tiny red tassel earrings instead of the big pearl ones from earlier.


Next looks is a lacy floral dress.

It reminds me of something that Anthropologie or Free People would carry.


At first I thought this was all one piece. But she actually has a separate blouse layered underneath the dress. You can see it better here that it’s two pieces.


Last parts of this look I want to talk about is her nails. You can see in the first outfit her nails are painted but they look white. Here you can see they’re more pastel colored.


Now the final look: A baby blue off the shoulder crop top blouse with an a-line skirt white, aka my second favorite outfit in So-So.


She’s also got on a pair of green sandal heels.


I think the silhouette is why I love it so much. It’s flattering to her figure.


This is another look you could easily recreate. Both items are very trendy right now. Although I don’t really pay attention to trends, it is easier to find pieces in store when they’re popular. My only complaint about this outfit is it was featured so briefly.


Here’s the music video to see everything together! Enjoy ♥

Oh and here’s a hint for the next MVF post:


*extra hint* they’re a rookie girl group.

Alright I’ll see ya’ll next post! Have a great rest of your day!



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