OOTD: Overalls

I didn’t plan it, it just happened  that way.

None of this went the way I had imagined. This ended up being much shorter than I expected. I’ve been having lighting issues since we’ve moved into our new house tbh. I think it’s because of the direction of my room.  That’s why I haven’t posted as many ootd post. I ordered a light kit from Amazon about a week..week and a half ago and it arrived today. It’s awesome! I see why so many people recommend it. I can’t wait to use it for real.

Because of my lighting issues, I don’t have as many pictures for either outfits so I put these two together. It wasn’t until I was going through picking pictures that weren’t completely terrible, I realized that I was wearing overalls in both pictures. I didn’t plan it, it just happened that way.

I actually took this first set of pictures three weeks ago. January has flown by so fast. It was our first week back from London. I think this was the weekend before the winter storm.  I vaguely remember the weather. But from how I dressed, I guess it was chilly enough to need sleeves but not bundle up for snow.


I’ve been mentioning in a few post now that I’m sorting out my closet to better fit my ‘dream’ wardrobe. So I’m digging up things I haven’t worn in ages and mixing it with new purchases. This leopard print sweater I’ve had since my sophomore year in high school. I got it at Papaya back when I was all about that place.


The overalls I got at Madewell last summer. This was before I realized that having a blog based on college budget shopping means keeping track of your purchases, so I think I paid about $30 instead of the $100 something they originally wanted. They’re extremely comfortable and I love Madewell now. It’s one of my favorite stores.

This was also the same day I took pictures for the London Shopping Finds post. I’m bad at remembering (in general, if I don’t write it down it’s never happening) to wear jewelry even though I love it. I’ve been attached to these gold heart shaped earrings I found on Etsy for $7.50 ($6 then $1.50 for shipping). The Tiffany and Co necklace was a gift from my mom when we went to LA back in 2014.


Now to a more recent outfit. This was from last Friday. I broke out my overall dress from Superdry and was still wearing my Doc’s everywhere. I decided to wear tights again since its been so long and I love tights. So I’m bringing them back into my outfits.


 I got my  Minnie Mouse t-shirt at Forever 21 about two years ago. It’s one of my favorite t-shirts to wear with solid color skirts. My hoop earrings I got as an exchange item for the denim skirt that I sent back. I’m just done with them. I like them but it’s 50/50 on the quality.


There’s just too many options to keep supporting mediocre clothing you know? But these hoop earring are perfect. I’ve been wearing them a lot too.


I don’t really have a caption for this last picture. I just think I look cute so I’m sharing it with y’all lol.


I’m finally caught up on blog post!!! Now we can get back on schedule. Next post will be another music video fashion post. I have three videos from 2016 I want to talk about.

Hint for the next post: It’s gonna be so so

See y’all next post!



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