BCBGeneration Haul*


I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it’s spelled BCBGeneration  not BCBGGeneration.


It looks really similar to me idk..

Anyway, today’s post is all on some great finds at the BCBG Outlet in Dawsonville. I think everything BCBGeneration I own has come from the outlet. I know they carry the Generation line at department stores in the BCBG section but I haven’t bought anything out of there.


I’ve picked these items up over the course of two trips. The first trip they had a sale where if you buy four items or more, you get 25% off each item you get. On the second trip few weeks later they had 25% off sale items.

This is the only blouse I’ve gotten lately from BCBG.  I have way too many shirts that are just taking up space in my closet so I don’t really need anymore, if anything I need to downside. This is actually the front of the blouse. Initially I thought this was the back.


And this is  back. I was quite confused in the dressing room. I almost put it back on the rack.


This is my favorite piece that I found over the two trips. I want to have as many bow-like blouses in my wardrobe as possible. They’re so feminine and classy.


Here are some closeups of the floral pattern. I love the dark floral in fall look. No matter how old I get, there’s still a part of me that still loves punk/alternative fashion. I just prefer it in a ‘grownup’ way now.


 I love the lightweight fabrics like polyester during spring and summer. I don’t really let seasons stop me from wearing certain clothing items.


Original price: $60

Sale:$18, with 25% off

Final: $14.

Next up are the cardigans kimonos. The first is wine color kimono with tassels at the bottom. The kimono I got from Abercrombie and Fitch has tassels at the bottom of it as well and it gets caught  on everything. I still love it even though it’s super annoying.



This kimono is shorter than my Abercrombie one but I still get caught  in things around the house or in public.



One last closeup picture.


Original: $58

Sale:$28, with 25% off

Final: $21.

The other kimono has become my favorite third piece when it’s hot. I’ve worn this a few times and I love how quickly it dresses up an outfit like t-shirt and jeans.


I’m not really sure what this pattern is supposed to be.


But I really like the embroidery.


Original price: $58

Sale:$28, with 25% off


I don’t have much to say on this next cardigan yet. I haven’t worn it out of the house. It’s not as lightweight as the black and white kimono, but still pretty light.


I realized after looking closer at the tags this cardigan is BCBG, not BCBGeneration. This is why there’s an * on the title.


When I first tried this on I loved the loose ruffles at the bottom of it.


One last closeup!


Original price: $188

Markdown: $68

Sale:$28, with 25% off


Notice the price jump between BCBG and BCBGeneration?

The last two items are ponchos. I’ve always liked ponchos. When I was in 5th grade I had a blue, lime green, brown, and white poncho from Old Navy that I wore all the time. I haven’t really worn one again until a few weeks ago.


Is simple and a bit more grown up version of my 5th grade poncho. I think 10 year old Ashliegh would be proud lol.


The eyelet like gaps and the tassels give it a little spice to keep it interesting.


I just have to be careful not to get caught up on anything I’m really clumsy.

Original price: $28

Sale:$18, with 25% off


Finally the last item of the haul! My second favorite find and also the most expensive (not by much).


First things first, I love color block. I also love pops red used in selectively in clothing.


I think right now when it comes to pops of colors in accessories, red and orange are my favorite. I own countless amounts of white and gray tops, so bright accessories work well in my wardrobe.

Closeup time! There’s leather on the edges of the poncho and more tassels on the very bottom.


It’s so pretty! I haven’t worn this poncho yet since it’s just now cooling down but I see myself wearing it often.

Original price: $98

Sale:$68, with 25% off


I meant to have this up last night


Leave a comment below of what you thought ♥♥♥♥♥


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