Floppy Hat and Floral Blouse

Because my love of floral doesn’t stop at spring ♥

I took these photos early last month but between unpacking, getting new house set up and school work, I’ve just been hanging on to these.  Unfortunately I didn’t make any notes on what we did the day of these photos. I always tell myself I’ll remember if I don’t write it down right away but I never do.

I originally bought this floral blouse from TJ Maxx back in 2015 as a bikini cover up. After the Hilton Head trip I never wore it again. A few weeks ago while unpacking, I rediscovered it and decided to wear it for casual looks.

I’ve had this floppy hat from H&M for a few years now and it’s easily one of my favorite hats I own. I meant to wear it more this summer but I think it looks better with longer hair. I’m still at the TWA phase with my natural hair, so when I wear my floppy hat I pair it with my bobbed wig. I guess now that’s it’s getting cooler wearing my wig along with hats will keep my head warm lol.

And a cross-body bag to wrap up this look. When I went to Italy with my high school for spring break back in 2011, one of my to do list items was to get an authentic leather bag from there. While we were roaming around Rome on an excursion to the Trevi Fountain, I saw a leather goods shop right next door to it.

The stamp on it says Borgo Cavalli and honestly it’s hard to find any info on the brand online. Just people that have also found the little shop and are reselling items online. I think I paid around $50 euro for it which back in 2011 after looking up the exchange rate was around $35 US dollars. Five years later it was definitely worth it. I still get complements on it when I’m out. Now that I think about it, maybe I should make a review post just on this bag? Let me know what you think?

Hat: H&M (old)

Blouse: TJ Maxx (old)

Jeans: Forever 21

Bag: Borgo Cavalli

Shoes: J. Crew

In my last post I mentioned how much stuff I wanted to discuss and catch up on. So I’m going to work hard to post more frequently, even if their mini check in post ♥♥♥♥♥


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