Music Video Fashion: She Is


So today’s post is something I’ve been brainstorming how I wanted to do it for a few weeks now, music video fashion. I love watching music videos because they’re like mini movies condensed into 5-10 minutes. The ones that have great fashion in them are even better.

So for the first post of this new series is She Is by Jonghyun of Shinee. I love this song and album so much. It’s on my buy physically copy of list.


There’s three main looks Jonghyun wears throughout the video.



The first look I’m calling pink squared. He wears a baby pink corduroy jacket that matches his hair (hence pink squared). A light blue striped dress shirt with a red tie, blue striped slim fit trousers, oxford shoes, and gold glasses.

I also want to talk about the backup dancers outfits in this video too. This first look I call Dumb Dumb because it reminds me of the outfits Red Velvet wore in their music video for Dumb Dumb. Just with a 60’s twist to it instead of dolls.

Some close ups of the first look


In the second look of his, he swaps his corduroy jacket for an oversize cropped blazer. The solid red tie becomes a red-orange polka dotted tie, and the trousers become light washed ripped skinny jeans. I call this look hulk couture, because of the bulky blazer lol.


The second look for the dancers are my favorite.


I want to wear all of these outfits. I’m going to save this for  future outfit inspiration. I love the retro mixed with minimal street fashion.

For the final and my favorite look he wears a yellow blazer, a yellow short sleeve Visas polo, black skinny jeans, and black high heel boots. The dancers change into yellow muscle tee and black short shorts.I don’t really have a name for this’s just a lot of yellow.


I was screaming when they did a close up of the shoes. Jonghyun is a short guy and has been teased by Shinee for wearing insoles to make him taller.

This was my favorite scene of the music video. I thought they all looked so cute crammed in this room dancing.



And here’s the music video


So what did y’all think? This one was a little short, but for the shorter ones I think I’ll be able to post more of them regularly.  I’m thinking Free Somebody by Luna next. That will be a quick one too.




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