How To Style: White Button Up Shirt



A follow up to my 7 Ways To Wear A Mini Skirt post from a few months ago.

Remember a few blog post ago I talked about creating a blog post version of my project for my Magazine Article Writing class? Well I’m finally posting it!

I have a lot of clothes I don’t really wear. I think the best way to filter through what I love and what I want to donate is by trying clothes on and seeing what looks I can create. The white button up shirt is a classic. It literally goes with everything and there’s so many ways to dress it up or down.

I’m going to show you nine ways to style it with items that are probably already in your closet.


  • Long cardigan*
  • Regular sized cardigan*
  • Denim jacket*
  • Leather jacket* (*These are the third piece items, more details on them later)



  • Dress
  • Circle or Skater skirt
  • Mini Skirt
  • Leather skirt
  • Midi skirt
  • Denim shorts
  • Denim dark wash skinny jeans



  • White button down blouse (can’t forget that)


And optional pieces:


  • An undershirt (if your shirt is really sheer)



  • A statement necklace to spice things up (can be your third or fourth piece)

Okay let’s get to the actual looks!

The first look is the classic white button up shirt with skinny jeans, my favorite type of jeans. To make this look even more stylish, you can play around with different tucked in looks. The next look is called the editor shirt tuck. You leave the last button unbuttoned, tuck in the side of your blouse that lays underneath the button panel inside of you pants. Or you can leave it untucked and add a statement piece necklace or wear it tucked in with a statement piece necklace.

The next outfit includes a third piece. A third piece makes your outfit polished, interesting, and complete. It is an extra outfit item, it can be outerwear like a jacket or accessories like a necklace, scarf, or hat.


Here we have the same first outfit except the one on the right includes a third piece. When looked at side to side, the first outfit is boring next to the one on the right. The rest of these outfits will include a third (outerwear) and fourth piece, the statement necklace.

For a slightly punk look, replace the cardigan with a leather jacket.


Or you can swap out jeans for a mini skirt.


Or if you want to go for a full blown punk look, add a leather skirt.


For a spring outfit, pair a white button up shirt with denim shorts and a statement necklace. If you like the denim on denim trend, add a denim jacket as your third piece.


Keeping with the denim jacket and white button down, replace the denim shorts with a midi skirt for a cute, feminine spring look.


If midi skirts aren’t your thing, swap it out with a circle/skater skirt.


For the last look, pair the white button up shirt with a dress and regular sized cardigan. If you have a statement necklace you want to add to dress up your outfit, go for it.


Those are a few ways to dress up a white button up shirt. While working on this, I came up with other options to pair this shirt with lol. The white button up shirt may look boring, but its versatility gives you the opportunity to dress it up or down however you want.


Which was your favorite look? Have any other suggestions for how to? Let me know in the comments ♥♥♥♥


Oh and because I felt this was relevant:





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