MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan

One of my favorite birthday gifts ♥

According to this post, my last blog post related to handbags was in November of last year. I think it’s time for another bag review, so let’s get started!

I wanted a bag that would be good for every day. Something large enough to carry everything I need, but light enough to feel like I’m not carrying half of my bedroom in a bag.


So when I discovered the Michael Michael Kors Sloan quilted bags in Dillard’s I was in love. I have dreams of owning a Chanel bag in the future but for now a Michael Kors bag will do. I was originally going to get the Sloan in black leather ($298), but after seeing this color on sale for $145 ($258 originally) at Macy’s I liked it. Not just for the amazing price but for its uniqueness. I love this excessive use of denim everywhere in fashion at the moment.  I’ve never seen a quilted denim bag before. It really caught my attention.


I perfer silver hardware on bags. I didn’t see a silver version of this in store (at Mall of Georgia) . I like the gold on here. I think it gives it a little bit on a vintage feel to it.

My only complaint so far is it tends to pop open if you don’t have it clicked completely closed.



I also am in love with the navy leather woven in with the gold chains.  I also love the navy trim around the bag. I think it was the small details for the bag that really had me sold.


That’s my Fifa World Cup shirt in the reflection lol. The denim is carried out through the inside of the flap.


There are three main sections in this bag. The first section closest to the front of the bag has two slots that will fit a phone in one pocket. I guess in the other you can put whatever lol.


The next is the middle section with a zipper.


I like to keep makeup and other things in here.

The last section I love because of the card section below the zipper.


The card section is something else I haven’t seen in a bag before.


Finally the back. The back of the bag has a big pocket.


I love being able to put something in my bag without having to open the whole thing.

You can find this bag at Macy’s for even less now. I’m not sure but I think it’s part of a Memorial Day sale.

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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