B.A.P Concert

Long overdue post!!

Finals are over!! Now I have time to complete some items on my todo list like:

1.) Getting signed up for my summer classes at Arizona State, check

2.) Catching up on dvr shows, in-progress

3.) Get SCJ updated, starting now

It’s been almost a month since I saw B.A.P, but I still remember how excited I was when the day finally arrived. I had ordered a shirt and a light stick that arrived about two weeks before the show.

My concert ootd featuring “my boy Jongup tee” (he was my initial fave).

Wait I should back track a little bit. Originally I was planning to get the official B.A.P lightstick with Matoki (the bunny).





But those had all sold out (even though I made the order).  the seller I ordered it from said it would be a few weeks before they had more of them made and they couldn’t guarantee they would have them ready in time for the day of the Atlanta concert. So if I ordered the other lightstick they had that was less in price, they would through in a t-shirt and expedite the shipping. Out of the shirt choices, I went with this one.

Fun fact 남 진구 (namja chingu) means boyfriend in Korean. So I walked around wearing a shirt saying Jongup was my boyfriend for three hours. I regret nothing (except not getting one for Zelo and Himchan too) lol.

Shirt: Ebay

Skirt: Handy dandy H&M circle skirt


This was my first Kpop concert. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ve heard horror stories of  kpop concerts being messy. The venue was really nice and the staff were really helpful. Some of them were dancing during the concert. It was at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. I really love this venue. It’s really classy. We originally had seats further back but we got moved forward.


I wasn’t sure If I could bring my DSLR (turns out I could *face palm*) so these are some picture I took from my phone/Snapchat.


Jongup, Himchan, and  Zelo’s solos were amazing.


They performed (semi correct order lol):

  • Bang X2
  • What The Hell (Rock version)
  •  No Mercy/ We Will Rock You mix
  •  S.N.S (Himchan’s solo; one of my new favorite B.A.P songs now)
  • SPY
  • Warrior
  • Hurricane/Badman/ Dancing In The Rain/Crash  (EDM remix) This part was a lot of fun. It reminded me of Lady Gaga’s Artrave section during her Artpop tour.
  • BMG (Now) Jongup’s solo
  • Be Happy
  • Feel So Good
  • Carnival
  • GDFR/Pillow Talk (Zelo’s solo)
  • Angel (1004)
  • Excuse Me
  • With You
  • Young, Wild, and Free
  • One Shot
  • No Mercy (encore)

It was about two hours show. It was so much fun. I know I keep saying that, but I really had such a good time. My mom went with me and she also had a good time. I loved Himchan’s three piece suit he wore in  during S.N.S. Their styling was A+++. My favorite looks were the black studded jackets and the long embroidered blazers.

Yongguk dancing around stage with his shirt off and dumping water on himself was unexpected. Along with Zelo dancing to Pillowtalk (I’m still not over Zelo’s dance. I will be talking about it for the rest of the year). Youngjae, Daehyun, Himchan, and Jongup’s vocals were really good live. Daehyun killed all the high notes. I need a Jongup R&B solo. Zelo and Yongguk tower over the other members lol. They were really tan *cough* unlike those super whitewashed Tumblr pictures *cough*.

Youngjae and Zelo ran around the pit. Every time Yongguk went to rap the crowd got super loud. Youngjae’s pictures don’t do him any justice, he looks even better in person. They spoke a little bit of English (which was really cute) eventually they had a translator to tell us how happy and thankful they were. The first time they performed No Mercy it was just part of the song mixed with We Will Rock You. For the Encore I thought they were joking when they asked if we wanted to hear No Mercy again. But they actually sung the song completely. I loved  how happy they all looked on stage. They had so much energy and looked like they were having the time of their lives. I will definitely see them again live.


Check out my Insta for videos from the concert.

P.S. I’m seeing Rihanna (finally) on Wednesday, so look forward for to that blog post!


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