Tuesday Tunes 16.4.19




Starting Tunesday with my favorite Jpop group Perfume. They released a short version of Flash on March 24th. The full length version was release April 12th. I’ve been a fan of Perfume since 2011, JPN era was my favorite. I always look forward to Perfume’s music because they are consistent in their electronic dance music. I look forward to their music videos because of the dance routines. I don’t know how they manage to always looks so graceful and flawless dancing these complex dances but they do and I never get tired of watching.


Now we switch gears to a sexy R&B song; Body Lotion is by Sleepy of the duo group Untouchable, Yongguk of B.A.P, and produced by Giriboy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the song when I first saw Yongguk post a picture of the cover art on the 6th, but a few seconds into the song I was searching for the song on iTunes to buy. I’m adding Sleepy to my Artist to look into list.


I feel like Tuesday Tunes isn’t complete without an Exo appearance lol. Lil Something was released on the 7th. It’s one of the SM Station singles, but unlike 99% of them, this one is actually really good. It’s more upbeat than the past few solo Chen singles, typically OST ballads. Chen is too adorable in this music video. My favorite scene is when Chen tries to give Heize a water but she already has one. I was trying to think of what this song reminds me of. After a few listens I decided it’s Tender Love. They both have an old school sound to it.


You may remember NCT from February with Synchronization of Your Dreams. Now that NCT has debuted the first unit of the group, NCT U. Synchronization of Your Dreams became the 7th Sense and is the debut song. I love this song. I’m happy we got the full length version. I feel like Dean wrote it. It sounds like his music. Ten’s “And that’s a long ass ride” is the quote of the year lol.

IMG_8978My faves VIXX are back with an upbeat single and killer visuals. I was confused on the concept for this comeback for a bit. The teaser video was dark, but the teaser pictures were bright and colorful. Dynamite reminds me a little of Love Equation, a little darker than G.R.8.U, but not exactly Voodoo Doll. It’s somewhere in the middle.I really have nothing but positive things to say oh and #StanVixx2016.

Enjoy ♥♥♥


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