Forever 21 and H&M Haul

Friday I decided to check out Forever 21 and H&M for circle skirts. I ended up getting more sweaters then skirts lol.


The first place I head to in Forever 21 is the sale section. They had buy one get one free on their sale items. TONS of sweaters on sale. I can’t pass up on $4.99 sweaters. That’s what they be should priced at anyway, because the quality of clothes are hit or miss.

Here’s the four sweaters originally priced $22-24.


Usually in sweaters I pick neutral colors, so this time I went with brighter colors.

The red and teal sweaters are oversized, my favorite types. I’ve only worn the pink sweater so far and I love it. I made sure to hang dry them after washing so they didn’t shrink in the dryer. I didn’t check, but I think these are acrylic sweaters.  After tax my total was $16.83.


I didn’t have too much luck in my search for circle skirts this time.

This one from Forever 21 was in their basic clothing section. It was $5.90 so a pretty good deal. It’s made of cotton and spandex and compared to the $14,99 burgundy skirt I got at H&M there’s a difference in quality.


The H&M skirt I got a 20% discount for signing up for their newsletters. It came out to  $11.99. I wore this skirt during our Winery trip Saturday. I’ll be wearing this often.

Where does everyone shop at? I want to check out some new places. Recommend me your favorite places to shop in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Forever 21 and H&M Haul

    • ashlieghcheyenne says:

      Yes! I’m not sure how long they’ll have the sale going on but they had a lot of sweaters in stock so it should be going on for a bit longer 😃


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