Purple Reign Series Finale

Finally right? Lol let me explain. I haven’t forgotten about the series. I’ve been busy with school and I’m still trying to manage my bad time management skills.

For our last lip gloss/lipsticks we have three MAC and one Butter London.




In order: Violetta, Pure Heroine, Smoked Purple, and Ruby Murry

Let’s kick things off with the only lip gloss in the group, Butter London





I discovered this color at Ulta. Along with the rest of the Butter London line actually. The first thing that stands out to me about this color is that it smells really good, like candy.

This was one of my favorite colors back when I first started wearing purple lip colors. Today was the first time in a long time I’ve worn it.



It’s one of my only dark lip gloss. I love it but I don’t like glosses as much as I did when I was younger. I really do love Butter London products. I own a few of their nail polishes too.

Now on to the MAC colors



Violetta was a color I found at The Cosmetic Company.



I like it because it’s bright and creamy. I almost never wear it though lol. No real reason for why I don’t wear it more.



Wearing it today reminded me that I need to wear it more. I forgot how much I loved it and why I got it in the first place.



Now that I think about it a little more, it might be this color’s fault. Pure Heroine is my hands-down favorite purple lipstick I own. It’s not to dark and vampy like Instigator but not too bright and eccentric like Poe. It’s just right. You can wear it everyday, it’s creamy, long lasting, I love it a lot.





I’ll have to look for another tube online since this was from the collaboration they did with Lorde.

Last but not least! Smoked Purple



Another Cosmetic Company find. I really like this one too but I also don’t wear it very often. It’s matte so it’s perfect for ‘windy days you didn’t know were going to be windy so you wore your hair down’ days lol. It’s probably the third best lipstick I own that doesn’t feather away really easily. Instigator is pretty good too.



And that’s a wrap! I hope everyone enjoyed this series. What’s your favorite lipstick? It doesn’t have to be purple.


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