Tuesday Tunes 16.2.9

It’s a semi-snowy Tunesday here in Atlanta. The first of our tunes is by Diggy Simmons and Trevor Jackson. My Girl is a continuation for Diggy’s R&B sound. When it first came out back in 2014, I listened to it all the time on Sirius XM The Heat. I kind of forgot about it until they played it again last week. I forgot how much I love Diggy’s sound.

The rest of our tunes are back into Kpop/Jpop. U-Kiss is a group I haven’t paid too much attention too. They’re a little bit older, second generation I believe. I remember reading their members multilingual. It depends on the member but languages spoken by the band is Korean (obviously), Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Japanese.  I struggled with French in Japanese..I can’t even imagine.. Anyway She’s Mine is my favorite U-Kiss song. It’s upbeat and is pop with a little R&B sound.

But I Love U is a typical Sistar ballad. I discovered this on Tumblr. There’s some groups that I still haven’t made it all the way way through their discography yet(actually most of my faves). I like it. It kind of reminds me of their b sides on their most recent mini album, Shake It, and I loved that one. I’ll have to look up the rest of this album But I love U is off of.

VIXX!!! I feel like I can’t go a week without having either VIXX or Exo on here. I should incorporate more Shinee… Back to VIXX, the released a Japanese album (hence Kpop/Jpop I mentioned earlier) a few weeks ago and Depend On Me music video finally got uploaded on YouTube. I really love Depend On Me because it’s a dark concept (VIXX’s best concept in my opinion). With Me is a slow song..reminds me a little of Hot Enough. I think that’s why I love With Me so much. I can listen to both on repeat. I love it when VIXX has their slow jams.

Sesese or Sse Sse Sse, pesky romanizations playing tricks on me. I’ve seen both and since I already made the playlist, I’m not changing it haha. Before I get into the song, let’s start with Unpretty Rapstsr season one. I meant to watch it but I ended up catching up on updates from blogs. I fell in love with My Type with Jessi and Muva Cheetah. I didn’t watch the second season either but I recently became a Fiestar fan and when I heard Yezi was going to be on there I was really excited. Spoiler alert! I was disappointed she didn’t win, but she won indirectly. Along with bring more attention to Fiestar, she now has her solo music. Sesese features Glime, KittiB and Ahn Soomin, other constants from Unpretty Rapstar. Now I wish we had a subunit with these ladies. This song along with Crazy Dog (I included the original, not the one with San E)  for lack of a better word slay. I love Yezi’s solo music. Yezi and Cheetah are my favorite Korean rappers.

Enjoy 💕💕



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