Tuesday Tunes 16.2.2

Today’s tunes are all new music, yay!!! Starting things off with Rain by Taeyeon. I was really surprised for her to release a solo song after here first solo mini album being released in October , TTS promotions right after, promotions for Girl’s Generation. Unlike her first mini album overall, I really love Rain. Its a ballad but a little more upbeat.

So remember week before last I mentioned Winner having a comeback and how excited I was for it? Well they met all my expectations. I love Exit. I love that they continued their sound. They had a little rock influence for Immature but they continued that Winner sound. Too many artist I feel try to change things up too often. I really like consistency in music. I hate the uncertainty of not liking music from my faves because they felt inspired to go in a completely different direction. Then get upset with fans or interviewers when it gets addressed. Lol anyway I also recommend looking at I’m Young and Baby Baby.  I really wanted to add them on to the list but it would have gotten too long.

Pillow Talk!!!!!!!! Okay so as an ex-Directioner..I say ex because I don’t really follow One Direction anymore. I stopped caring as much when Zayn left. Then officially checked out one Harry stopped cutting his hair. There was this recurring discussion about Zayn going in an R&B direction for his solo career within the Zayn stans. As with Winner, Zayn gave us what we wanted, and what I think he initially wanted to create. I like that the  instruments didn’t over power his vocals. It was just so nice to hear him sing again. The music video however I didn’t like so much. I expected something artsy and creative but this was a little out there. I can’t wait to see what his solo album will be like.

So so if you haven’t figured it out yet, I have an addiction..an addiction to SM Entertainment groups. Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, F(x), Shinee, Exo, Red Velvet, and now NCT. Well they haven’t officially debuted yet I don’t think, but they are SM’s new super boy group. Synchronization of Your Dreams for lack of a better term, is a bop. I needed the full length version three weeks ago. I’m still confused on the exact details, but they they will have a single released every week with about 40 members promoting the songs all over the world. The line up will alternate so I’m guessing they’ll be a graduation system like AKB48 and After School.

And to end our list we have my favorite Korean soloist, Dean. Technically this song features Crush, and produced by Jeff Bernat. It’s another killer R&B track that I hope gets lots of love. It seems like every time he releases new music, there’s more people that become fans.

Enjoy 💕💕




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