Tuesday Tunes 16.1.12

So this week’s tunes has two new songs. Both duets. After being away for over a year Winner has finally made a comeback. Their entry single from Exit, is called Pricked. Mino composed the lyrics (no surprise to Inner Circle, Winner’s fan base). This song sticks to Winner’s slow hip hop sound like Empty. I’m really excited for Winner’s new music. Late last year I started listening to them more. When it comes to YG groups,  I really only follow 2NE1. There’s a few Big Bang songs I like. But now Winner is my favorite male YG group.

I was really into the British Youtuber phase that took off in 2012/2013. I remember watching Troye Sivan and Casper Lee along with the Brits like Jack’s Gap. So back when Happy Little Pill was released, I instantly fell in love with it and downloaded it from the Google Play store (back when I had a Galaxy Note 3). As I’ve mentioned before when I’m not listening to Kpop, I’m listening to deep house music. On SiriusXM they have a station called Chill. I heard the remix for Fools on their and I love it just as much as the original.

The second duet is Suzy (Miss A) and Baekhyun (Exo). They killed it with Dream. It’s a slow song, something you’d hear in a coffee shop. But I really like it. I read reviews where people talked about it being boring , but not every song is meant to twerk to lol. It just makes me want the main vocals of Exo have solos even more.

Speaking of Exo main vocalist, today is Do Kyungsoo’s 23 (24 in Korean age) birthday. So in honor of his birthday I added two of his ‘solos’ that messed me up (in a good way). Tell Me What Is Love is from the Exo Planet: The Lost Planet concert in Seoul. I always listen to it at least twice when it pops up on shuffle because there’s too much greatness in a short period of time. Now Boyfriend (Justin Bieber) was from back in Ocotber during the Exo Love concert in Seoul. Along with D.O’s killer vocals, we had Chanyeol killin it on the guitar during this acoustic cover. It’s too much perfection in this performance. I’m really hoping we’ll get an audio version of Boyfriend like we did with Tell Me What Is Love.

Enjoy 💕💕💕



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