Flat Out Fabulous

Starting the week off with beauty reviews! Yay!



This color was my favorite shade for about two years.



This is Flat Out Fabulous. Half of the magenta dreamteam. It’s a matte lipstick with Mac.



Paired with Magenta lip pencil, aka the other half of the team.

The two together make a  pinkish purple  color. When I first decided that I wanted to by Flat Out Fabulous it was random impulse buy during my lunch break from work.  I tried it on in store and fell in love. I was recommended to pair it with Magenta if I wanted to wear a lip liner. I really only wear lip liners with Mac. I feel like their lip liners really enhance the overall lip color. The other week I mixed NYX Espresso lip liner with NYX Matte Lipstick Maison for a nude lip. I really liked that combo, so I’ll wear the two like that much more often.



Swatch time. So originally FOF is a pink. If you really layer on Magenta, you see more of a purple then pink. When I think of magenta I think dark pink. Like Blue’s Clues Magenta lol.

Going back to the topic of lip liners, I really like to wear them so there’s a base under the lipstick. There’s nothing worse then your lipstick smudging and feathering all over the place while you eat. Well..wait having to use cheap rough restaurant napkins to fix your lipstick afterwards is worse. Yeah definitely worse. So with a lip liner you don’t look as crazy after the meal.

Just wearing Magenta



See what I mean? It’s totally purple! Who one, decided “Yeah that’s magenta” and two, who agreed  with that person and said “Yeah let’s call it Magenta.” I don’t get it.

Anyway here’s the two together





FOF versatility is ultimately my favorite part of this color. I’m almost of this tube, I’ll be buying another once it’s officially finish.




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