Tuesday Tunes 16.1.5

It’s Tuesday!!! Which means it’s Tunesday on SCJ. 

Which all the craziness of the end of December I didn’t make any playlist for the last two weeks of December I think. I forgot honestly.


So these are the tunes for the first Tuesday (Tunesday) of the month.

Talking Body is still one of my favorite songs from summer 2015. So when I heard she released a new song on her Soundcloud I had to check it out. Influence doesn’t disappoint. It’s not as poppy as Talking Body, there’s more of a club sound to it.

Dal Shabet is a Korean girl group I’ve recently started following. Someone Like U continues this 80s trend in Kpop. I have to check out their other songs.

Of course my faves Exo are included in another playlist. Last month they released their Christmas mini album, well it was supposed to be a Christmas album. I don’t really understand what  Lightsaber had to do with Christmas I’m pretty sure they put it on their to make more money off the song since it was already released as a single, but whatever. Unfair is really upbeat and their live performances of the song are really cute.

I love Ed Sheeran and anything Ed Sheeran related. He’s consistently good. I really love Rudimental’s remix of Bloodstream. I actually like it more then the original. So when I first hear Lay It All On Me, I knew it would be a bop. I’m really looking forward to Ed Sheeran’s next album. Multiply still sounds so new to me it doesn’t seem like it’s almost two years it’s been out.

Enjoy! If you have any song recommendations for future Tuesday Tunes let me know 😃


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