Tuesday Tunes 15.12.08


I didn’t forget, I’m just late lol. Here’s this weeks tunes!


This week is shorter. Last week’s was so long because of all the new Kpop releases and ones I recently discovered. Last Friday Seventeen and Ailee released Q&A, a really cute song and video. Zhu and Cyril Hahn fall under the deep house category, I’ve been listening to a lot of deep house lately, I love it. Say My Name Remix is mostly instrumental but it does have vocals about half way through the song. I think it’s a really great twist on the original Destiny’s Child song.

Automatic by Zhu Featuring AlunaGeorge is like your regular song, vocals from start to finish. Can’t go wrong with AlunaGeorge. Finally I wrapped up this weeks tunes with two Hip Hop and R&B powerhouses, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. Trey Songz is almost a throwback. Wonder Woman is one of my favorite songs by him. Zero by Chris Brown is one of those break up songs you dance to and can’t take to seriously, like he did in the music video. Enjoy!!


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