10.28.15 OOTD






Georgia weather is weird. The past couple of days it has rained nonstop. I knew today was supposed to still be rainy but most of the afternoon has been sunny and blue skies. Either way I’m in complete sweater weather mood. I was really hoping to wear my brown cardigan out again today though.

Sweater: Banana Republic, I found this in their sale section back in June or July. They had an addition 25% off or something close to that. It came out to about $8 or $9. I’ve been dying to break it out.

Ring: Cache, I’ve had it for years but I don’t wear it often. Or any rings really. I’m not much of a ring person. I love jewelry but I don’t wear it with every outfit. My routine for getting dressed is clothes, makeup, hair, maybe jewelry. My favorite thing about this ring is the elastic part so I can wear it on any finger. Maybe I should just buy more rings like this and I’d wear them more.

Jeans: Zara, I love these jeans, I’ll buy another pair someday.


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