Studded Kiss

  First beauty post allriiiight! There’s so many wonderful beauty gurus on YouTube, Instagram, etc, but as a NW50 it can be difficult finding beauty gurus of the same makeup shade (or really close) to follow.  So I decided that I would keep track of my beauty purchase in hopes to help out my fellow NW50’s (and shades close to it).      This is Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motörhead. While wandering around Sephora the other week I found this in Kat Von D’s line. I have given up bright reds like Mac Ruby Woo for darker reds and purples like Sin and Heroine. Kat Von D’s line is full of dark colors, I think I found a new favorite lipstick line. The outside is plastic. I’m such a sucker for cool product packaging.

    Her monogram is pressed into the lipstick.

 Motörhead is a dark raspberry color. I noticed the first layer I applied to my lips it was lighter but as I rubbed my lips together the color became darker. I’ve had this color for about a week and I apply two to three layers and maybe a touch up after I eat a meal. It’s really long lasting. It’s a matte, so I always apply a little bit of lip balm before hand. My favorite is Rosebud Perfume Co.

 I’m  really happy with Motörhead. I have my eyes on Coven and Poe next.



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