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One of my favorite trends right now is denim. Denim skirts, shirts, dresses, I love all of it. I’ve decided circle skirts are going to be one of my closet staples. I see trends as an opportunity to find pieces to add into your wardrobe and make it a classic. I love this circle skirt from Forever 21 as an alternative to wearing jeans and a T-shirt. It’s a perfect look for running errands in this hot summer weather. My t-shirt is also from Forever 21. I found it buried in there buy one get one free section. I’ve gotten selective with what I buy from there since their quality isn’t always the best. I like to stick with their cotton items. Like t-shirts  and dresses. They’re the most durable and don’t shred in the wash. I’ve pretty much given up on their denim jeans or polyester shirts .

Just a quick little post today. I’ve preparing for finals and the move back to Georgia. My goal is two post twice a week. So what do you think, yay or nay on the current denim obsession?


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