Totally Turnlock

I finally made a fashion blog after months of thinking and talking about making one. So I figured for my first post I’d write about my current everyday handbag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Shifty Satchel.


Ironically the turnlock doesn’t move.


I found this gem at the Saks Off Fifth at the Phoenix Premium Outlets (outlet, clearance, and sale shopping will be the recurring theme of this blog, by the way). I was originally planning on getting the Natasha satchel as a replacement everyday bag in this gray/taupe color. I love the taupe because it’s an alternative to the typical black or white neutral bags. I almost got the red. I should get it in red too.






For the price the Turnlock was the better deal. There’s also a firm leather version. I went with the soft pebble because I like the unstructured look of it.  Even stuffing the Turnlock with shirts to give it shape, there was still a crease in it. To me the unstructured look gives a vibe that is professional for work or casual day off. Another reason why I went with the soft leather was because it reminded me of the Alexander Wang Rocco, that I’ve been eyeing for months. Just smaller in size and price LOL. Unlike the cute but useless turnlock feature on the bag, the cross body strap is removable.



I actually didn’t know the name of this bag until I searched for it online. In the different versions I noticed some of them had Marc By Marc Jacobs in large white font with the black satin inside. In my Turnlock, Marc By Marc Jacobs is written in black font on black satin. Very subtle and gives a more expensive overall look to the bag.


It looks like I’m not the only one that got in on the sale, it’s currently sold out on the major department stores new, but it can found on Tradesy for as low as $59 and on Ebay. Let me know what you think of Style Cookie’s first post and any suggestions for future post!


One thought on “Totally Turnlock

  1. Dr. Char says:

    This bag was truly a deal and not found anywhere at the price the Off Fifth Store offered. This is yet another great find within this department store contributing to their success and yours. Here’s to more great finds at awesome prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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